Dan Hardy

Dan is a martial artist, fighter and UFC/ MMA commentator. President of Hardy Wallhead MMA | Full Reptile Collective

About Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy

Dan Hardy is a martial artist, fighter and UFC/ MMA commentator, he has had 36 professional Mixed Martial Arts fights since 2004.

Dan joined the UFC in 2008 having previously fought in many promotions including Cage Force and Cage Warriors. Dan made his UFC debut at UFC 89 defeating Akihiro Gono. He worked his way to a welterweight title shot against Georges St-Pierre in 2010, at UFC 111. Dan grew up in Nottingham and his nickname 'The Outlaw' comes from the fictional character Robin Hood who shared the same hometown. Dan has a passion for art but gave up his degree in art and design at Nottingham Trent University to pursue MMA full time.

Dan has an official website at danhardymma.co.uk plus accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The UFC have an Athlete page and there's also the UFC Stats page. Also check out his Full Reptile Co. YouTube Channel, and the Full Reptile Collective website.

Combat sports websites Tapology, Sherdog, ESPN, and The Underground also have profiles. See also his Wikipedia page.

Dan is President of Hardy-Wallhead, one of the premier Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the world. The Head Coach is Jimmy Wallhead.

Dan and Judo Jimmy (Jimmy Wallhead) will soon release a Video Library called Lessons Of War at www.lessonsofwar.ninja. This will cover foundational techniques through to elite level skills and combinations, as well as application and strategy.

Dan's Instagram profile describes a 'Professional reptile, amateur philosopher, part-time visionary'. Dan has shared stories of his experiences with psychedelics including psilocybin, ayahuasca, and marijuana.

Dan's Sponsors include: Venum, Onnit, Fantom Styling, Booster Fightgear, Pain Fightwear, Polani Watches, BassBuds, Smuggling Duds, Virus, Vibram Fivefingers, Lego, and Elevator Studio. See Dan's sponsors page here.

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Part Reptile, Autobiography by Dan Hardy

Click to listen to the introduction of Part Reptile, read by Dan. The book is available to purchase as an Audible Audio Book.

Dan didn't tap...

Dan fought George St-Pierre at UFC 111 on the 27 March, 2010. During the fight GSP had Dan in an an arm bar and a kimura well locked, GSP was visibly shocked that Dan didn't tap. Talking after about his refusal to tap out, he said "I don't know the meaning of the word".

Part Reptile: UFC, MMA and Me

Dan's autobiography called Part Reptile has excellent reviews and a 4.7/5 star rating. For more information or to buy, please see Audible, or the Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover versions from Amazon.

Tweet from Jon Anik

Jon Anik is a UFC commentator.

Full Reptile Collective

Full Reptile Co.

Dan is a member of Full Reptile Co. that supply products, apparel, and some exclusive Limited Edition Runs.

The Full Reptile Collective was started in 2018, by a group of five friends connected by a love of Combat Sports. Ollie Richardson, Dean Amasinger, Owen Oxley, Wad Alameddine, and Dan Hardy, met through their individual journey’s within Mixed Martial Arts.

Dan is seen below wearing their new flower hoodies. See the full website at fullreptile.co.uk

Dan's First Taekwondo Belt

Dan shows his Taekwondo yellow belt and certificate. Dan went on to win the British title four years running as a teenager. His instructor was Mick Rowley

"Hardy is now one of the greatest..." The British MMA Scene

The British MMA Scene shows pictures of Dan Hardy and Paul Daley, pioneers of UK MMA.

thebritishmmascene write "Hardy is now one of the greatest MMA analysts in history, an exceptional commentator and quite frankly, a fighter with intentions to fight AGAIN!"

King Of The Cage in Sheffield in June 2005

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